Group Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

What Exactly is Ketamine?

Ketamine, a widely used and well-understood medication, is currently being prescribed off-label to for individual and group ketamine assisted psychotherapy to address various conditions such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), addiction, pain, and other common health issues.

Ketamine aids in boosting neuroplasticity, facilitating the repair of damaged synapses—or neural connections—in the brain. These connections often suffer from deterioration over time due to prolonged stress and depression. Consequently, ketamine induces a shift in the brain, making it more adaptable and receptive. This shift allows individuals to disrupt old, repetitive thought patterns, enhance cognitive flexibility, and become more receptive to new experiences and personal growth.

Group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy merges ketamine, psychotherapy, and communal support within a secure environment. Embracing a group setting can enhance your journey towards healing, allowing for deeper exploration. When we collectively experience moments of transcendence, delve into the depths of sorrow, embrace joy and spontaneity, we discover that we can bring these experiences into our daily existence. 

Whether it’s within our families, among friends, or within our community, we find ourselves better equipped to enrich these relationships. In our current cultural landscape, genuine connection often requires intentional effort. Gathering in purpose-driven groups offers us the chance to cultivate vulnerability and connection in ways seldom available in our day-to-day lives.

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How Does it Work?

Our team adopts a comprehensive approach to your care, collaborating with other healthcare providers to ensure optimal outcomes. Here’s what you can anticipate from Group Ketamine Assisted Therapy.


A full medical intake is completed to determine eligibility. You’ll undergo a thorough intake process to ascertain if the group aligns with your needs and objectives. Upon joining the group, the therapist will establish guidelines for participation, fostering a secure, confidential, and respectful atmosphere.

Preparation – Week 1

Successful ketamine treatment hinges on thoughtful preparation and intention setting. You’ll familiarize yourself with the group and collaboratively set intentions. This process fosters trust and creates a comfortable environment.

Ketamine Session- Week 2&4

You’ll undergo a series of ketamine sessions involving the administration of medication (via intramuscular injection). Participants will wear eye masks and headphones to encourage introspection. Experiences may vary from blissful to challenging, mild to intense, depending on your stage of healing. Although sharing the same space, everyone’s journey is unique. Throughout, our expert team provides full support and guidance.

Integration- Week 3&5

Integration ensures that insights gained during your psychedelic experience translate into your daily life and well-being. Led by our therapists, Integration group therapy sessions occur the week following your ketamine treatment. Sharing with others who’ve undergone similar experiences and witnessing their transformations can accelerate your own growth.

Ongoing Support

Healing isn’t linear. Sometimes, it involves profound transformation, while at other times, it entails peeling back layers to reveal deeper work.